dinsdag 13 juni 2017

Monster girl creation - The creation of the little slime girl dwarf

Anyone who's played the latest hentai content release will have seen this little slime girl. This will be a short post about the creation of this girl and what inspired her dwarvish looks.

You might have already guessed it, this monster girl's body shape is heavily inspired by Rouge the bat from the Sonic the hedgehog series. While there are some very good 2D hentai drawings of Rouge the bat, there aren't very many 3D images/models/animations of her. The biggest problem with Rouge the bat 3D models is the body shape. Usually they don't give her the juicy body she appears to have in many of the 2D images. The shape of this model is my interpretation of what Rouge the bat should look like in 3D, while still being my own work.

Since slime girls are transparent and it's kinda cool to be able to see your penis inside of them I had to make sure transparency worked well. I had quite a few issues with it, as transparency in 3D object can look very awkward. You can see all the overlapping features behind a character and it usually gets confused with what is background and foreground. In the end I used a shader that basically render the character first and applies the transparency to that image. This works within one object, so any seperate object can be seen on through that object. This means that I can make the whole character see-through, without needing some areas to be less transparent which can also look weird. It does mean you can't see the slime girl's arms or hair behind any part of herself, but I feel that doesn't look weird most of the time.

The rig of the slime girl is largely a normal bipedal humanoid rig. (pretty standard stuff) I did add the jelly stain and the ball, which were used for reshaping the girl. Together with the shader I think this effect turned out really nice. She drops into liquid form, springs towards you as a ball and then reshapes into a hot girl. And let's be honest, who doesn't like their slime girl hentai with a bit of shapelessness. That's what makes slime girls one of the best monster girls out there, right?!

Hah! that image also shows my working title for this girl, which was slime minion. Changed it to slime dwarf, as she isn't really a minion.

In the end it was all just animating the girl, I will also do a short update on the slime queen soon.

For now, have a great day everyone!

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