donderdag 15 juni 2017

Monster Girl creation - Slime Queen

The creation of this monster girl, the slime queen, was quite similar to the slime dwarf, using the same shader and color scheme. On patreon there was a vote for which color people wanted the slime girl to be. In the end purple won, causing her color scheme to pretty much end up the same as the slime girl in Redamz's Monster Girl Island. I tried some differences but this just looked by far the best with the base color. Some people also voted for the color blue and green. Because of this I did a palette swap and also released the hentai scene with both slime girls in those colors. The slime girls will be purple in the final game though.

To create the girls I always use a model I already have that resembles my goal for the monster girl's looks the most. In this case I did remove the nipples, because that just felt much better for a slime girl. She got the long "hair tentacles", which I put a bit of a hole in so it would look better when the slime queen jerks you off with it. I gave her the heels of the succubus, because man, high heels are awesome and she can shape herself into anything so why not, right?

While normally the monster girls each get 3 combat seduction animations and 3 positions in the hentai scene, this one is going to be slightly different in the story, allowing you/Leo to have consensual sex with her. because of this I switched it up a bit, starting with the 2 animations for the slime queen and then following up with 3 animations for the slime dwarf.

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