zaterdag 1 juli 2017

Monster Girl Animation - Android girl

The android girl is getting animated at the moment, now that she is rigged and skinned. For rigging I use a script, which does most of the work for me in terms of the basic humanoid shape. I do need to make sure all the joints are in the correct place. If there are any extra's on a character I do have to rig that seperately by hand. Luckily on this android girl there wasn't much extra.

Skinning is mostly a case of painting on the model where all the " bones"  have influences. I generally put the girl in a quick test pose. The one you can see above is that test pose. When everything works well I move on to animating.

At the time of writing this I've finished all the combat animations, this includes the seduction animations during combat.. Next up are the Hentai scene animations. The vote on the patreon page dictates her movement will be fluent. This means she won't have incredibly robotic movement, although she will definitely have some characteristics that clearly make her an android girl/robot girl.

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