dinsdag 11 juli 2017

Monster Girl Creation, also Environment!

As you can see the Android girl has been put into the game. She's not completely done, as the main focus is on getting the environment ready.

For the environment I use assets from the asset store, some free, some bought. It significantly reduces the amount of time it costs to create everything. I do still need to work on the assets a bit to get everything right for my own goals. At the moment I need to fix some things to improve the framerate as it is very slow. The environment is very futuristic, as she is an android, this monster girl resides on a weird ship, and noone knows where it came from.

I really like the look of the android girl's latex and metal material. I've created a new flare effect to help with the more futuristic look. Now to continue working on the opening scene, after which I'll set up the combat.

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