dinsdag 25 juli 2017

Monster Girl creation - Lamia girl

Currently I'm working on the Lamia girl, who easily won the vote to be the next monster girl in the game. in the image above you can see the progress, please note that she is far from done and the current visuals aren't completely representative of what she will look like in the end.

At the time I'm testing looks for having the scales transition into skin. I also want to improve the look of the models overal, by working more on the textures, I always really like the shiny skin look in hentai drawings, so I want to test that out in a 3D environment.

The idea is to have a cobra-like motif going in her helmet. I plan to change the shape of the helmet as I feel it's too much of an egg at the moment. Probably a part of the bottom will be reshaped. I will also add some more things to her body to make her look more interesting, but that is for a later dev blog.

I will be having a vote later on, to see if people like the new material of the girl. Or if people prefer the old more cartoony look.

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