dinsdag 18 juli 2017

Hentai combat - Hentai scene - Android Girl - Release planning

The android is now in the game. This week I've been working on the combat scene and the hentai scene.

I decided I wanted to have another skill added to the combat. So I had to do some scripting for that. Of course I also needed to do some scripting for the android girl. The fight in this case requires the player to make use of some specific tactics using the new skill. The new skill is called EMP (Electro Magical Pulse, hehe) and it stops all recurring effects in the area. Later on this'll affect player skills as well, although for now it is used to stop the android automatic repair program. She'll activate it after a certain amount of terms of it being inactive. How to deal with this properly is up to the players, although some patience is certainly required.

The hentai scene has become a pretty standard process by now. I have some tools to create those scenes relatively quickly. If the animation is complete it's all about setting up the animator, the camera positions and writing the dialogue. The android has a voice that is for automatic messages, while also having a normal voice for seducing human males. I feel this gives her the feel of an android girl, without being too robotic. She's really kind of a glorified fleshlight now that I think about it xD

A lot of progress was made in the past week, which is great because I felt I was a bit slow for a while, mostly because of personal life obligations. It's all good now though! I still need to create a hentai scene with the witch, for if you win the fight, the release of this content should be this week though!

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