dinsdag 8 augustus 2017

Monster girl animation - Lamia girl

With the rig for the Lamia completely done, right now it's time for animating. Right now, many of the animations are done and it's down to the Hentai scenes.

Some comments were made on the patreon page, mentioning the high amount of handjobs and requesting some more variations. While I do have my own preferences, I like to put some stuff in for everyone, so I'm happy to oblige. For the fight she will be having some hypnotic abilities. The seduction phase has her using her tail, snake body scales, and her slithery tongue. In the Hentai scenes, the lamia will use her tongue differently, as seen in the image above. Leo will be doing her boobs sitting on top and finally he will stick it in her pussy to impregnate her completely hypnotized by the Lamia girl goodness.

Some people have also mentioned some things in terms of shininess of the skin versus the scales. I'll play around with that some more after the Lamia girl is completed.

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