dinsdag 1 augustus 2017

Monster Girl Creation - Lamia Girl Rigging

Since the last update I've worked more on the Lamia girl. She now has a much better material than all previous girls I made. In the image above you can see a preview of her standing in the desert. I really like the improved visuals.

As you can see she is in a more natural pose now, rather than a T-pose. That's because I got her rig and skinning completely finished. I wanted some extra control in the tail, so the rigging of it turned out slightly harder than expected, but I managed to get it the way I wanted. So now I can animate her fairly easily without having too much work counter-animating the tail. It's a spline IK with extra joint chains to manage rotation, with a bit of extra controls added to the end of her tail for those sweet Lamia girl tailjobs.

Now it's time for animation, I've mostly been testing the rig, but now the time has come to actually animate her. So work time!

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