dinsdag 15 augustus 2017

Monster girl environment - The Lamia's desert

Finishing of the remaining animations in the past week, which I should really have made a dev blog post about, but I get caught up in just working on the game (Sorry!), I continued working on the intro scene and the environment she lives in. This lamia moves around the desert, ready to jump onto overly curious prey.

The desert, not dessert mind you, is a very big terrain with smooth sand dunes and a distinct lack of clouds. While I used a lens flare with an earlier scene to show sunlight, it just didn't feel right in this scene. the sun looks much more realistic and hot now.

I wanted to have some sand float over the surface, I tried a few things to get the correct effect. The best look was created by having a particle system generate big clouds that shoot to the ground while they're invisible. When they hit the ground the particles greatly reduce there speeds and delicately move along the surface and slowly get more visible. This creates a bit more of a hazy and wispy look, which really fits with the Lamia girl.

This intro scene isn't on a timer as the android scene was, but requires the player to find the Lamia. It is a good thing for player agency.

Next up I will be working on creating the combat scene, which will use the same environment of course, with possibly some slight changes.

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