dinsdag 5 september 2017

graphics improvement - the improvement of a witch girl

I've been looking into a lot of things this week. The bulk of the work was figuring out how to improve the graphics. I'm doing several things that help to improve the graphics overall. I'm also learning more about lighting, to make whole scenes look better.

In the image above you can see Majika the way she looks right now. In my opinion it's a huge improvement. Her clothes are pretty shiny now, giving it that latex feel, while her skin looks much softer. There is more color variation in her hair, making it look better and more interesting due to the increase in contrast.

Also, the animations for her scene are close to being done. So I'll write the dialogue and re-release the last bit of content with the scene included, and of course overall improved graphics.

I've been testing out some things to add sound, checking whether it's possible to change the sound of a sound in unity without problems and gathering some usable sounds. By slightly adjusting the sound in unity randomly whenever it plays, I'll be able to make the sounds much less repetitive.

Have an amazing day everyone!

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