maandag 18 september 2017

Improving all the graphics

Having a lot more knowledge about post-processing effects and improving the way things look in Unity, I've been working on adding the effects to all other scenes.

In the image above you can see the impact just adding the post-processing effects and changing the material to different settings has on the succubus Zaelyana. I am going to have to add a bunch more textures to change how shiny different parts of her body are, because this still looks weird partially. The effect it has on her skin is pretty incredible though.

The post-processing effects do a lot with how the lighting in the scene works. Because of this I also had to rework all the lighting in the scenes. Furthermore it slightly increases the contrast, and depending on what I want for a scene I can add a little more cold or warmth(to the color that is) to the scene.

There is also ambient occlusion now. Which adds a lot of visually intresting shadows. It's an effect where places that would have little light reaching it be darker. Basically it adds shadows to corners, to be really simple about it.

So now that all the scenes have these post-processing effects added, it's time to test everything in the full demo. I've already been working on fixing several bugs that came up, as well as fixing the hideUI feature. When I'm confident everything is fully playable I'll re-release the demo with all released content. After that I'll start seperately improving all the monster girl's textures and materials.

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