dinsdag 26 september 2017

Monster Girl imrpovements - The succubus

First monster girl that's up for improving is the succubus.

A common theme that will occur during the reworking of the girl's textures are the eyes. I will improve the resolution and redraw all of them, as it has a big effect on the entire look of the monster girls. In the case of the succubus I made her eyes a bit of a brighter red and reduced the size of the pupil. Her whole iris is redrawn and is no longer oval, but round. In my opinion this works better with her whole design and doing this will make all the girls look much less generic.

I added some highlights to her hair and made it less shiny. If you've played the earlier version of the demo you'll have noticed how weird the hair looks when it's shiny. I made her skin pretty shiny which just looks very hot with that blue skin, while her horns and wings are about as shiny as the gold.

Aside from the textures, I've also fixed a few animations. Changing the eye texture changed where I had to point them in some cases. In the missionary position the succubus' shoulder should no longer be pulled down too much. Also, I noticed that in the idle position she would actually clip through the table, which I hadn't noticed before/ (xD HOW?!) But yeah, I put her a bit further away for that.

Tomorrow I will upload an updated build and start working on the next girl.

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