dinsdag 17 oktober 2017

Alraune was improved this time! As you can see in the image above, she looks quite a bit different from before.

first I changed her eyes. As with most other improvements I completely redrew them. I made her pupil that emits a pruple light a bit smaller and icreased the contrast. In combination with the new specular mapping her eye appears to have much more depth than before. Combined with the new flare effect that was already added a while ago, her eyes just look gorgeous.

Of course the way her skin shines is now controlled much better in general, using the specular mapping and switching out the toon shading.

the biggest change is, or course, her "hair". Before it was just a bit of a green blob. I've now added a normal map to make it look more like vines going into her flowers. This makes the plant aesthetic much stronger. I tried several techniques to get it to look right. the final result looks very good. In the end I also changed the color texture a bit to make it look even better.

The leaves also got some extra detail through the normal map, as well as the flower buds. The flower bud are now very bumpy, although there isn't really a camera angle that shows it off for the moment.

When the textures were done, I also worked more on the animations. The animations remain largely the same, but many small animation bugs were solved. Additionally I increased the length of the cumming animations, so it's not far too fast anymore and of course the "cum inside"-effect was added.

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