dinsdag 24 oktober 2017

Monster Girl improvements - Arachne

Arachne was next in line to get improved. Similar to the Sphinx and the Genie girls she didn't need improvements quite as much, but she definitely needed to get some new textures to work well with the new post-processing effects.

The spider-part of Arachne's body is now more shiny, it also has a bit of a reflection. Her hands and horns have the same properties. It looks really slick and latex-like, which fits a spider girl very well.

Similar to other girls she has some fur, it's not a big piece in case of Arachne, but I did have to redo the UVs (don't worry about it if you have no idea what those are). If I didn't do that tha would be a very strange line going right through the middle of the fur patch. Her fur now has a more furry texture and the differenc in how shiny it is compared to the spider body, as well as the skin, makes it look very furry.

Her skin has gotten a similar treatment to many of the other girls. Because of the change in lighting and gloss, I did change her skin to be darker, because it just looks better. At the same time I made her eyes a bit more red, to increase contrast even further than the post-processing already did.

Her cave got its own setting for the post-processing, making it look a bit colder than other areas. The cave doesn't allow for much sunlight to enter, so it shouldn't appear like it's nice a warm inside. I did decide to make the scene slightly brighter, to make everything a bit easier on the eyes.

In this scene, Leo is wrapped in Arachne's web, so his model also needed some work. The web is now shinier and the black parts have been made smaller, to look a bit less cartoony. Some detail was also added to make the web look more like a bunch of layered strings.

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