dinsdag 31 oktober 2017

Monster girl improvements - Slime girls

The slime girls have gotten a big improvement!

As with most girls the eyes were completely redone. I did give them pupils this time to make them feel a bit more like a person. The resolution was also improved, maaking them look more crisp and clean.

The biggest change though, is in the material. The way they looked before, the highlights seemed a very low resolution. Now they look much smoother, making for a much softer slimy appearance.

It does make the girls a bit heavier on the pc, so hopefully people won't be experiencing too much of a framerate drop. I did change a few things to make the scene lighter. The biggest problem occurs when the girls take up a large portion of the screen. The reason for this is that the transparency causes the pixels to render another time, essentially making it twice a taxing on the system. It's a bit of a technical thing, but unfortunately, a problem with transparency when working in 3D.

If a lot of people are experiencing crazy fps drops, I might have to revisit this.

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