dinsdag 10 oktober 2017

Monster Girl improvements - Sphinx and Genie

Two monster girls go their textures reworked this week. So both the Genie and the Sphinx now look better. These girls needed improvements the least in my opinion, but still needed a few changes.

The Sphinx now has a nice shiny skin, while her fur isn't. Her skin looks a sweaty, which really fits the pyramid/desert look and feel. Her fur als has a bit of a furry texture, similar to the Holstaur girl, making it look more like actual hair. The hair on her head also has a bit of a noisy texture to it, to make it look a bit more frizzy.

Her eyes already looked quite good, so not much was changed in that respect, although I added a few subtle details.

The color of her gold accessories has changed. They look a lot more like gold now, so they're very shiny and metallic. Which fits the world much better in the new looks.

The genie girl, who forms out of smoke from her glamp looks very bright now, to make her look very magical.

Her skin is shiny, while her clothes are not. The gold color has been changed similarly to the Sphinx girl's gold. I drew in some extra detail on her clothes that also changes the lighting on those parts. The feather also has extra bump effects to show some hairlines, while the models normals have been changed to react to light in a more smooth manner. I also fixed a little error causing one of the Genies to have a weird dark line along the top of her mouth piece/cloth/what-have-you.

As it was with the sphinx, the genie girl's eyes were already looking good. I made some subtle changes to make her eyes look a bit more nefarious. To complement this look I also changed the lighting for the genie girls a lot.

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