dinsdag 24 oktober 2017

Witch Girl improvements - Tida

In addition to Arachne, I also had some time to work on Tida.

I spent quite a bit of time redrawing her eyes, which looked much better. I then decided to play around with making them a lot brighter, I kind of liked the look of it. It does mean most of the redraw work is kind of pointless. For now I've decided to go a little bit in-between. Let me know what you would prefer! :)

her skin is similar to many of the other girls in the way I decided to make it look. Her tattoos have a light difference in the way they interact with the lighting, because I liked the idea of having look like body paint. Her hood looks soft, because of how it works with the lighting. This is a nice contrast of the cloth to the skin.

She has a very subtle glow, because I liked her looking a bit more mysterious and magical. It also works as a nice rim lighting effect.

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