dinsdag 7 november 2017

Monster Girl improvement - Cat girl part 1

Cathy has finally gotten her make-over! Or at least, a large portion of it. As you can see in the images above, her face has been remodeled, as well as her hair and parts of her limbs. Her coloring has also been overhauled, looking much more sexy than before. Parts have also been redone in her rig, the textures are not finished yet though.

The original model for Cathy was created a long time ago, since then I've learned a lot. I've gained a lot more understanding of how to create certain things. The faces of all other girls are a lot better than the original Cathy face. With this model I really tried to improve the way I modeled the hair as well and it certainly shows. There are much more loose bit to her hair, and I paid very close attention to the curvature of it all.

In addition, I've switched up her color scheme. The old color scheme was a bit boring imho, so I gave her a slight tan, and made her blonde. This color scheme looks much more interesting and playful, which really fits with a cat girl.

I still need to work on the textures to switch up the look of the materials, but the coloring is pretty much done.

Her hands and feet also look different now, so she has a bit more features that make her cat-like. We're going a bit higher on the furry hentai scale. x) It's a really nice way to distinguish her more from the other monster girls.

I've also changed the rig a bit, a lot of it could be re-used though, which helps with time a huge deal. I do still need to continue working on that to make it work completely.

Overall, I really like where the model is going. I still feel like I can improve my skills, but it's really cool to me to put them next to each other at the moment. :D

Have a great day everyone!

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