dinsdag 14 november 2017

Monster Girl improvement - Cat girl part 2

This week I continued work on Cathy the cat girl. She is now ready for animating!

First thing I worked on was finishing her Textures. I added a bit more highlighting in her hair, to improve the visibility of different strands of hair. Of course I also added a bump/normal map and a specular map. For the bump map I played around with the thickness of the fur. In the end I decided to keep the effect very light, seeming like her fur is laying down flat on her skin. Additionally the specular map changes her fur to be less shiny than her skin, helping it appear soft and furry. The specular map also does a little bit of extra work to change the way her eyes looks, improving their contrast.

Of course, a large part of her rig was reused,but a few things were redone/added, especially for her hair, which has more controls than any other character's hair. I also had to repaint the skin weights, which determines how much control every bone in her rig/skeleton has over certain parts of her body. As you can see, that's all done, so she can now be posed and animated.

So that's the next step, animating this beautiful cat girl. :)

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