woensdag 22 november 2017

Monster girl improvements - Cathy the Catgirl part 3

This week I continued working on Cathy by adjusting her animations to work with the new model. Her scene is now completed and released on patreon: www.patreon.com/bluepysax. So if you want to download and play it, go right ahead!

her animations had to be partially changed. Mostly her paws are much different from her hands of course, additionally I also reworked the animations as whole, to improve them slightly. The biggest change in her model is of course her hair. I also put much more control into it than I ever did before. So for every animation I had to animate the hair lagging behind the movement, which makes the whole character feel much more alive.

After I finished the animation, I had to put them into the engine and do the whole importing and changing the naming thing, which isn't too much work. I did have to put the animations into the game, I re-used part of her old animation hierarchy, but did change it slightly along with several choices I made for the animations. As with many of the other girls, I added a few extra transitions for the animations, to make sure there was no problem with the fade happening ahead of the change in animation.

And finally I noticed a problem on the leg, as visible in the image above. Initally I thought it was just a normal problem (3D normals that is). So I tried to soften the normals, which solved the problem as far as I could see, until I put it into the engine, where it was still an issue. So I turned on the normal, trying to find the problem. I tried everything to fix the normals, which didn't seem to have any problems. So after a while I was just stumped, but I decided to look into the UVs some more, which I had already checked before, but then I found out that there was more than one face in the same place. So lo and behold, I turned on transparency and just deleted the extra faces. I felt like an idiot, but I just haven't had this issue in my models for a very long time.

If that all sounds like gibberish to you, long story short: There was a problem that was easy to fix, but I haven't had this problem in so long, I pretty much forgot about it, so I'm a stoopid.

Anyway, she's fuckable now, so go ahead and have some fun!

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