dinsdag 12 december 2017

Witch girl creation - Shila, the barrier witch

I've been working on the creation of another girl, but this time a witch girl. As you've probably seen in the previews, she's coming along great. At the moment I'm still playing around with her color scheme, but I kind of like this one, I'm thinking I'll just brighten it up a bit.

I mentioned on patreon earlier, I'm using a new technique for modelling the hair. I now use a curve to determine where a strand of hair goes and then extrude polygons along that curve. This allows me to have some really nice curvature on the hair and control the shape of the strand. Of course I always have to do some additional work on every strand, which involves soft-selecting vertices and moving them around a bit.

Since I was creating a witch, I also decided to work on some clothing. She still has come easy access in the back for her H-scene, so she can keep her clothes on while getting fucked. This both save me time, from having to create a clothed and an undressed version of the model, and is superhot, I do always hate it when characters in hentai games have sexy clothes on, which are then nowhere to be seen in the sex scenes.

The technique I used for the hair, I could also use on her hat and loincloth, making this fun spiral shape a lot easier and less time-consuming to make.

In addition I used the clothes to push up her huge tits. I didn't cover her nipples, love clothes that are actually a bit to small, as well as cleavage that's pushed up.

I now need to finish up her coloring, as well as add more textures to control materials. Next to Majika it's easy to see she's far more curvy.

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