dinsdag 19 december 2017

Witch girl creation - Shila the barrier witch Rigging and skinning

Of course, Shila's textures are finished, so now her clothes and skin no longer appear to be made out of the same material. I gave her clothes a much softer look, so it seems to be more like cloth, rather than the leather/latex look Majika has going. I also slightly adjusted her colors, to be a tad brighter, because "yay! contrast!".

Also, Shila is now fully rigged and skinned and boy, did I run into a lot of problems. Maybe I'm getting sloppy after doing it so many times, or maybe it's the December stress, but I'm gonna have to work a bit cleaner on the next one.

It wasn't all my fault though, my software was messing up too. While painting the skin weights I found that not all joints were added to it. So I could fix that by adding influence to them. Apparently though, that really messes with your previously painted skin weights. Normally I work very clean, so I've only ever used this tool once before, so I had no idea, maybe changing other settings would help but it doesn't matter now. When I found out it meant I had to redo part of the work, as going back to an older version would take longer.

I also forgot some joints, so I already had to do this once before, which of course was my own fault. At that time I didn't do much weight painting yet, so had no idea on the effects on previous weight painting.

While testing I also noticed some of the controls just didn't work anymore. Don't know why, but that's a very easy fix.

I also noticed I didn't zero out her eye controls after testing the rig. I did fix this in a bit of a "hacky" way. So pray for me that it doesn't end up biting me in the ass later. I did do a lot of tests to make sure it won't so I'm not too worried.

In any case, a little preview of her standing in her spot to protect all the witches! Have an awesome day everyone.

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