dinsdag 30 januari 2018

Fixing VR support for the Slime Girls hentai scene

Download the latest build here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/first-vr-build-16435719

In the images above you can see the Slime Queen and the Slime dwarf with their different material depending on whether or not VR is turned on. Unfortunately, they look less nice in VR, but I had to do it like this because of performance problems.

The Slime girls hentai scene had some crazy problems when VR was turned on. I thought I had a good idea of what the problem was, in the end there was another part of it that was caused by an oversight by none other than myself. (So nice when you work alone and there's just noone to blame xD)

So I started looking into the shader to see if I could do figure out the problem. Luckily quite quickly I found out that only in the Slime scene I had forgotten to turn of anti-aliasing, which already caused visual glitches in VR before. The glitches in this case being much more extreme than normal because of the transparency in the Slime shader, which was the reason for me not immediately going "Oh duuuhh".

When I turned it off in the post processing profile for the Slime scene, the problem was still there, but half as much. So rather than seeing the screen 4 times in VR, I saw it 2 times. I tried to use a different PP profile and it just worked. Turns out a simple restart of the engine actually solved the problem. So I added a script to turn off the Anti-aliasing when VR was turned on as well.

 The next problem was that the slime shader is incredibly heavy, so when turning on VR I would get framerate problems and as most people know, this is quite a contributor to nausea in VR.

I looked into the shader more, and while I learned a lot of stuff about shaders for the slimes, I still don't know enough to be able to optimize this properly. So I opted to use the old transparency shader for the slimes in VR to keep the transparency, but still get a proper framerate. Unfortunately, they do look less smooth. It is however incredibly important to have a reasonable framerate in VR. If anyone has a GTX 1080 in their computer, I'm willing to make a VR build for the slime girls with the prettier material, so you could try to run it.

Now that all Monster Girl Hentai scenes and Witch Girl hentai scenes work in VR, I'll be making a build for 1 scene that'll be free, so people can at least try it out. :)

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