dinsdag 20 maart 2018

Creating a witch girl - Bridonna edition

Oh look! It's a preview! Please note that the textures aren't done yet, it's just the colors that are added atm.

I've been working hard on modelling Bridonna, and getting her ready for texturing. A patron wanted her to be thicc, so I did increase her hip size a little bit after that. She still had to look well-trained as well though. Since she's Leo's personal trainer.

She has a dragon's head for a hat, cus of course she's slain several dragons, they weren't Monster Girls though, so it couldn't have been THAT difficult. Everyone likes big tits it seems, so while she's got abs and is well trained, she still has some very nice big tits.

Most of the modelling process went without much trouble. The hair is by far the hardest part, but I feel more and more comfortable doing it with every model I make.

When the textures are done I'll get to rigging her, which will have her ready for animation. Then I can get to making her hentai scene. So get yourselves ready for sexy times with a large woman!

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