dinsdag 3 april 2018

Creating a witch girl with abs - animating

At the moment I'm in the process of animating Bridonna, the warrior/trainer witch girl. Or should I say witch woman, she's about twice as tall as Leo. I will be putting a sex scene in the demo, even though the scene won't be available yet at that point in the game normally. Her textures are finished.

When I was playing around with her colors at first, I initially ended up with a similar color scheme as Shila, but I really don't want all witch girls to end up with the same colors, so I continued testing things. One of my favorite color schemes is the combination of blue, white and silver. It didn't work with the skin color, but I finally got it right by slightly adjusting the skin tone, which is hardly visible, but it does a lot to pull everything together. She also has some body paint going on, In my opinion that adds a lot to her barbarian look.

as you can see in the image, she has a nice power stance going on. Her whole thing is that she's strong, so her sex animations will show her just playing with Leo, but I do want to add a hentai scene where Leo does her doggy style. Because of her size, and the fact that I made her ass a bit bigger due to a patron request, she has a really big ass going on. And who doesn't enjoy humping a massive ass on a well-trained chick like that.

To try the game, of course, go to: www.patreon.com/bluepysax

dinsdag 20 maart 2018

Creating a witch girl - Bridonna edition

Oh look! It's a preview! Please note that the textures aren't done yet, it's just the colors that are added atm.

I've been working hard on modelling Bridonna, and getting her ready for texturing. A patron wanted her to be thicc, so I did increase her hip size a little bit after that. She still had to look well-trained as well though. Since she's Leo's personal trainer.

She has a dragon's head for a hat, cus of course she's slain several dragons, they weren't Monster Girls though, so it couldn't have been THAT difficult. Everyone likes big tits it seems, so while she's got abs and is well trained, she still has some very nice big tits.

Most of the modelling process went without much trouble. The hair is by far the hardest part, but I feel more and more comfortable doing it with every model I make.

When the textures are done I'll get to rigging her, which will have her ready for animation. Then I can get to making her hentai scene. So get yourselves ready for sexy times with a large woman!

dinsdag 6 maart 2018

Making MG&S a complete VR hentai game

MG&S is now a complete VR hentai game. It's still possible to play the game normally, without VR, but if you want, you can just turn on VR and have even more immersive sex with a monster girl! Now that everything appears to work, I can continue developing the game, and as an added bonus I don't have to do a lot of extra work to get VR working in future scenes.

When starting out to get everything else working in VR, I explored the possibility of adding support for using the controller as hands, which would be pretty cool of course. However, when testing stuff out I found out it would me a complete redo of many things I had already done, so that's when I decided to leave it as a seated experience where you just look at what's happening. I did, however, still want to support the buttons of controllers, as controlling the game with mouse and keyboard while in VR can involve a lot of grasping for the controls and missing.

I also wanted the rest of the game to be available in VR, so players aren't stuck playing normally and only switching to VR in the Hentai scenes, not to mention the Monster Girl seduction moves at the start of each fight.

To get everything working properly was quite a bit of work. Of course I had to fix some setting around the input for players, so the controller would work. This wasn't too difficult, I just had to figure out how to name things for the most part. Initially the right stick wouldn't work correctly, so in the Village scene it wasn't posisble to look around. I changed the settings, which caused it to start zigzagging, but in the end I found out how to fix it. The nausea when sitting down wasn't to terrible, although that's different per person. With the controls working I had to copy this over to all the other scenes that involved walking around.

The biggest issue with VR is the interface. It's not really a good idea to just stick it to the screen as you'd normally do. So when in VR I need to move the interface somewhere in the world. This meant I had to find every single UI element in the game and make sure it moved to a specific spot. I made this spot dependent on the player, so now the UI elements always appear in front of the player.

In order to be able to see the UI elements always, I created a seperate camera that is there solely for rendering the UI, while the regular camera does everything else. This UI camera moves with the normal camera for the most part, and makes sure the UI is always rendered in front, regardless of where the element is in the world.

When making decisions you normally get a cursor, allowing you to select what you want to say to one of the Witch girls, or how you want to fight the Monster Girls. But guess what?! No cursor in VR, Hah! So I had 2 choices, use the direction the player is looking in as a selector, which imho is really awkward, or allow players to cycle through. I went with the latter. So everytime a choice comes up I had to make sure one of the options was highlighted, otherwise there was nowhere to cycle through the options from.

After a lot of going back an froth between previously made content, I finally managed to get it all working. It certainly was a lot more work than I expected, but yeah, that's what happens when you don't plan for features in advance. xD

Of course there was still a little issue with the Vive, it doesn't have all the same buttons. So I fixed that by have the triggers usable for those issues as well. This did require me to find the script in which I had created the fast forward function, which was really hard to find for some reason. But I managed in the end.

Next I can continue working on the game normally again. Finally some modelling again! :D Time for Bridonna, so I hope you all like abs in your hentai games!

dinsdag 30 januari 2018

Fixing VR support for the Slime Girls hentai scene

Download the latest build here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/first-vr-build-16435719

In the images above you can see the Slime Queen and the Slime dwarf with their different material depending on whether or not VR is turned on. Unfortunately, they look less nice in VR, but I had to do it like this because of performance problems.

The Slime girls hentai scene had some crazy problems when VR was turned on. I thought I had a good idea of what the problem was, in the end there was another part of it that was caused by an oversight by none other than myself. (So nice when you work alone and there's just noone to blame xD)

So I started looking into the shader to see if I could do figure out the problem. Luckily quite quickly I found out that only in the Slime scene I had forgotten to turn of anti-aliasing, which already caused visual glitches in VR before. The glitches in this case being much more extreme than normal because of the transparency in the Slime shader, which was the reason for me not immediately going "Oh duuuhh".

When I turned it off in the post processing profile for the Slime scene, the problem was still there, but half as much. So rather than seeing the screen 4 times in VR, I saw it 2 times. I tried to use a different PP profile and it just worked. Turns out a simple restart of the engine actually solved the problem. So I added a script to turn off the Anti-aliasing when VR was turned on as well.

 The next problem was that the slime shader is incredibly heavy, so when turning on VR I would get framerate problems and as most people know, this is quite a contributor to nausea in VR.

I looked into the shader more, and while I learned a lot of stuff about shaders for the slimes, I still don't know enough to be able to optimize this properly. So I opted to use the old transparency shader for the slimes in VR to keep the transparency, but still get a proper framerate. Unfortunately, they do look less smooth. It is however incredibly important to have a reasonable framerate in VR. If anyone has a GTX 1080 in their computer, I'm willing to make a VR build for the slime girls with the prettier material, so you could try to run it.

Now that all Monster Girl Hentai scenes and Witch Girl hentai scenes work in VR, I'll be making a build for 1 scene that'll be free, so people can at least try it out. :)

dinsdag 23 januari 2018

Turning Monster Girls & Sorcery into a VR game

Lately I've been working on VR! I now have an oculus rift, which I can use for testing whether the VR works properly, and maybe indulge in a little bit of VR porn myself from time to time. Mostly working, I promise! ;) I had dabbled in adding VR support before I had the oculus, but there wasn't much I could do without the ability to test it. I did mean however, that the most basic support already worked, so that was nice to start with.

Monster Girls & Sorcery wasn't designed with VR in mind at the start, but since it's mostly a fantasy hentai monster girl fucking experience where you watch a guy getting dominated by monster girls in first person, most of it works quite well.

When in VR the anti-aliasing did cause visual artifacts. That was an easy fix, just turn off anti-aliasing whenever VR is on, then whenever VR is turned off, set it back to the saved setting.

Another important thing, since this is a seated experience, is recentering the camera. This wasn't too difficult to implement, as it can just be done through a function in scripting. I later heard that it didn't work on the Vive though. When trying to fix this I could find surprisingly little documentation on it. I eventually figured out that the recentering function only works when the VR is set to be a seated experience. Interestingly enough the oculus rift is set to that. While figuring it out was hard, because of the lack of documentation, The fix was easy, as I just had to tell the Vive to track differently. Luckily some patrons were willing to test for me, so they very quickly told me it worked, since I couldn't test if it worked on the Oculus rift. xD

Something I didn't keep in mind when adding the VR support is the problem with the user interface. Having a UI in VR that is attached to your screen, so it just follows the direction you look in, is very weird. So I had to change the UI. Rather than attaching it to the screen, when VR is turned on, the UI is put somewhere in the world. So the play can just look at the dialogue boxes.

Having the UI in the world means the UI can be behind other objects, not to mention the problems with render order on particles and other effects. So first I made sure the UI always renders in front of everything. I did this by making an extra camera that renders nothing but the dialogue. This camera always follows the normal camera. I made some mistakes at first, causing it to move too much, I first had to gain more understanding of the VR camera in unity to know how to fix it, but it works now, so it's all good! x) The UI now renders in front of everything.

Of course when the UI renders in front of everything, we don't want it to cover up all the sexy monster girl parts. So I set up a system to move the UI somewhere different for every scene fairly easily. I now found a good spot in every scene. At the moment it does move with the camera's base position. I might look into moving it with the rotation as well, to have a different place for every sex position you do per monster girl.

There was a problem with the Arachne hentai scene, where the camera would be backwards. This was a pretty easy fix, changing a few setting. So now it's also possible to do the Arachne scene normally.

Most issues are fixed, the next problem I will tackle is the Slime girl scene. I most likely will have to make the Slime girl non-transparent for VR, as that is most likely the issue. There are some rendering tricks that have to be done for their material, which apparently really mess up in VR.

This was a big dev blog update. I'm having a lot of fun implementing VR support, but as you can see it has been keeping me busy. Finally I will say, VR is supercool, not just for the VR porn. However! VR porn is also great. Basically VR hentai is the closest one can get to having sex with monster girls and anime girls for that matter. Just all the weird stuff that seemed so far away before. I really didn't expect to be this impressed by it before I bought the rift. I just thought I'd buy the rift as an investment to hopefully gain some patrons, but now I feel this is the future of gaming. Maybe one day there'll be something like touchable holograms, but for now, VR hentai all the way! Have a good one!

dinsdag 19 december 2017

Witch girl creation - Shila the barrier witch Rigging and skinning

Of course, Shila's textures are finished, so now her clothes and skin no longer appear to be made out of the same material. I gave her clothes a much softer look, so it seems to be more like cloth, rather than the leather/latex look Majika has going. I also slightly adjusted her colors, to be a tad brighter, because "yay! contrast!".

Also, Shila is now fully rigged and skinned and boy, did I run into a lot of problems. Maybe I'm getting sloppy after doing it so many times, or maybe it's the December stress, but I'm gonna have to work a bit cleaner on the next one.

It wasn't all my fault though, my software was messing up too. While painting the skin weights I found that not all joints were added to it. So I could fix that by adding influence to them. Apparently though, that really messes with your previously painted skin weights. Normally I work very clean, so I've only ever used this tool once before, so I had no idea, maybe changing other settings would help but it doesn't matter now. When I found out it meant I had to redo part of the work, as going back to an older version would take longer.

I also forgot some joints, so I already had to do this once before, which of course was my own fault. At that time I didn't do much weight painting yet, so had no idea on the effects on previous weight painting.

While testing I also noticed some of the controls just didn't work anymore. Don't know why, but that's a very easy fix.

I also noticed I didn't zero out her eye controls after testing the rig. I did fix this in a bit of a "hacky" way. So pray for me that it doesn't end up biting me in the ass later. I did do a lot of tests to make sure it won't so I'm not too worried.

In any case, a little preview of her standing in her spot to protect all the witches! Have an awesome day everyone.

dinsdag 12 december 2017

Witch girl creation - Shila, the barrier witch

I've been working on the creation of another girl, but this time a witch girl. As you've probably seen in the previews, she's coming along great. At the moment I'm still playing around with her color scheme, but I kind of like this one, I'm thinking I'll just brighten it up a bit.

I mentioned on patreon earlier, I'm using a new technique for modelling the hair. I now use a curve to determine where a strand of hair goes and then extrude polygons along that curve. This allows me to have some really nice curvature on the hair and control the shape of the strand. Of course I always have to do some additional work on every strand, which involves soft-selecting vertices and moving them around a bit.

Since I was creating a witch, I also decided to work on some clothing. She still has come easy access in the back for her H-scene, so she can keep her clothes on while getting fucked. This both save me time, from having to create a clothed and an undressed version of the model, and is superhot, I do always hate it when characters in hentai games have sexy clothes on, which are then nowhere to be seen in the sex scenes.

The technique I used for the hair, I could also use on her hat and loincloth, making this fun spiral shape a lot easier and less time-consuming to make.

In addition I used the clothes to push up her huge tits. I didn't cover her nipples, love clothes that are actually a bit to small, as well as cleavage that's pushed up.

I now need to finish up her coloring, as well as add more textures to control materials. Next to Majika it's easy to see she's far more curvy.